Did Jesus’ death on the Cross really absolve humankind of their Sin?

The final act played out both on Golgotha and for those in the Sanhedrin who actively plotted to bring about His death, was wrought by a powerful earthquake. Sufficiently strong to shatter the floor of the Temple of Jerusalem, the convulsive transfer of energy from the Earth to the great building tore asunder the heavy curtain that protected The Holy of Holies.

The odds of that particular earth-tremor occurring with such precise convergence to, ostensibly, ‘coincide’ with the exact moment Jesus died, would surely be in the order of millions to one. That natural event should be proof enough of how terribly wrong His execution was, for even the Forces of Nature vented their anger and fury at the murder of The Son Of God: He Who once Commanded the same Forces of Nature to cease their ‘storm-work’ activity on the Sea of Galilee with the admonition: “Peace. Be still!”

As we have often stressed, such an injustice is not even accepted in earthly courts of law. If it were, imagine the outcry – from all of you especially. So why and how can human beings who proudly call themselves Christians [i.e., followers of, and believers in, Christ] accept a notion that such a thing would be acceptable to The Creator Himself : He Who is Perfect Love but also Perfect Justice?

If you truly believe that such an aberrant tenet would be acceptable to The Almighty, then you must also logically accept the notion that the group of Roman soldiers who actually carried out His Crucifixion were blessed for all time, and would follow Jesus into heaven upon their death. And what about Judas? Why has sainthood not been conferred upon him? Surely he, too, must be included among the especially blessed – even before that particular group of Roman soldiers – for is he not the key player in this ridiculous and infantile scenario? 

If you yet still seriously believe such a thing, then do not hide behind 2,000 years of Earth-time to shield you from that most insidiously-evil event. Instead, have the inner courage to put yourselves in the place of the small group of executioners at His Crucifixion and actively take part in the murder of The One Whom you profess to believe in. Be part of that Roman squad on that terrible day that you nauseously commemorate so wrongly: Black Friday.

Help to lay the cruelly-tortured and bleeding body of The Son of God on that rough and splintered “cross of death”. Feel His blood spattering on your skin – for there are no niceties such as rubber gloves to protect your delicate hands. Next, take up the hammer. And with it, drive the nails through His hands into the wood of the crossbeam. Ensure, however, that you do it correctly so that the weight of His especial body will not tear His once-healing hands away from those terrible spikes when that dark, death-cross is raised.

And as you ‘drive those nails home’, remember to look into His dying, pain-wracked eyes and say to Him:

“I nail you to this cross because in my deed I prove my great Christian love for you because you came to die for me and my sins. Even though you have already suffered so much, I offer you yet more pain and torture. I know you will understand and will one day welcome me into your Kingdom because I have now proved my faith to you by helping you to die on this cross.”

How foolish a belief. How utterly absurd.

Such a belief is tantamount to idolatry of the worst kind, but self-idolatry – of human beings – and not of reverence and worship of The Most High or of He Who was and is a Part out of Him.

JESUS: The SON OF GOD; designated as both The Word Of God and The Love Of God; that is who you symbolically murder each time you tremulously “…thank ‘Him’ for dying for your sins”.

Even the words of The Bible – that especial Work which you hold up to the world as The Living Word Of God – condemns that terrible act in no uncertain terms. Peter, the Apostle designated by Jesus as “the rock” upon which His Teachings could be built, “tells it like it is”. After receiving “Power from On High” at Pentecost and speaking in the various dialects of the region, the crowd that had gathered accused the Apostles of being drunk. Peter countered with the following:

“Men of Israel! Listen to these statements: Jesus the Nazarene, a Man pointed out as from God by powers, and wonders, and signs, which God did through Him amongst you, as you yourselves know; having betrayed, you murdered Him by crucifixion through lawless hands...”   (Acts 2:22-23, Fenton. All emphases mine.)

Jesus himself gave the clearest and simplest indication of how this event should be viewed.  His noble prayer thus stands as an indictment against those who murdered Him then, and against those today who still very wrongly believe that His painful and brutal death on that Cross could somehow be sanctified and Divinely Blessed by An Almighty God as some kind of loving act of propitiatory sacrifice to cleanse the evil and sin of an undeserving humanity

The very words of the prayer itself stand in rightful accusation against such an evil distortion of the great and incomprehensible Love of The Creator.

“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do!

Thus: They did the wrong thing.


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