‘Virgin’ Birth and ‘Immaculate’ Conception?

Just as the physical death of Jesus at the end of His life marked His exit from earthly life, so did His birth as a baby herald His physical arrival onto the Earth and into earthly existence. For in accordance with the inviolability of The Divine Laws He came to fulfil, The Son of God could not circumvent The Law that to be born of woman on Earth, the seed must first be placed within the womb by a natural procreative event. Subsequent to impregnation, a lawful gestation period of nine months in that especially-chosen and thus especial womb.

Since we cannot deny the fact of Mary’s earthly pregnancy or the earthly birth of Jesus as a baby, should we dare to believe that those earthly processes might just have been preceded by an earthly conception too? Or is that going too far? Or is it simply a matter of religious fear masquerading as “the ostensible guardian of religious righteousness” standing ready to condemn any attempt to delve logically into what was clearly a completely natural event? For Jesus issued, and was thus delivered, from Mary’s womb. Even though a perfectly natural birth, it was, nonetheless, one of stupendous import; an incarnation ordained and sanctified by Divinity Itself.

Now, because every human spirit incarnating on Earth requires a physical vessel in which to dwell and through which to work, Jesus, too, needed a physical body to carry out His Work. However, all such bodies must come onto the Earth as a baby from a birth-mother. This is only possible with an earthly conception to begin with.

Does the idea of an earthly conception, then, denigrate the greatness or purity of the person of Jesus or His inherent Divinity? No, of course not. What about the purity of Mary herself, or her especial Calling? Would we regard her as being somehow soiled or impure if a conception was necessary before Jesus could be born onto the Earth? Here, again, of course not. If we did, it would be very difficult, indeed, to reconcile the birth of The Son of God from out of a woman of the Earth whose necessary purity for that purpose was somehow compromised through a natural act of copulation Divinely-sanctified for The very One from The Divine.

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