The ‘Rapture’? A Distortion of Bible Truth!

The expected return of Jesus by one very large, mainly American, group of Christians involves, for them, the interesting notion that they, and they alone as a group from all humankind, will be “saved” by being “raptured”. The concept of “The Rapture” as applied in this case takes the form of an event or process more fully formulated from earlier ideas mooted by an evangelical preacher, John Nelson Darby, who arrived in the U.S. in 1862. His minister, Cyrus Scofield, expanded the evangelist’s ideas in the prominent Scofield Reference Bible.

   Drawn from the Apostle Paul’s seeming assertion that believers could or would be “lifted up to Christ in heaven”, the idea of being “raptured to heaven” must presuppose that it is in the physical body since it all happens in an instant. That at least seems to be the general conviction of believers. However, we have already correctly concluded that according to The Almighty’s Perfect and thus Unchangeable Laws – which accord with Perfect, natural, Laws derived from the higher Spiritual paradigm – human physical bodies cannot be suddenly transformed and/or whisked away to sit on clouds or something similar.

  Even The Son of God Himself could not circumvent The Perfect Laws that He came to fulfil:   “I come not to overthrow the Laws…”

  Do Christians really believe that the non-material and therefore Eternal ‘Realm’ of what is so loosely designated as ‘heaven’ is some kind of jaunt ‘just up there’ ? Jesus told Pilate that His Kingdom was not of this world. And to His Disciples that He would return to The Father and they would see Him ‘no more’. How can it be that many millions will accept an idea that is an absolute impossibility according to the Perfect Laws of He Whose teachings of Perfect Truth those same millions profess to believe in and follow?

Phenomenal sales of the “Left Behind” series which promote the “rapture” concept and
which have apparently sold somewhere around 50 million copies, clearly point to at least that many believers. Yet the sage observation of key Scriptures of warning should be made by all who wish to be “raptured”:

  “I tell you indeed that you shall not depart until all has been fulfilled,” – “Not one
farthing shall be remitted you until you have paid fully.”

  And for the authors who have made millions of dollars but in the process of growing rich already led millions astray now:

  “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”

  Should we designate the so-called “rapture” to be some kind of “Bible mystery”? After all, men prefer a mystery to Truth! No, it is not any kind of “Bible mystery” simply because the concept of “rapture”, as taught and believed by people in the Christian Church, is completely wrong.

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