He died for us

There is obviously no doubt that Jesus died because of us! But the unshakeable belief of many that He died “for us” being sufficient to secure “a place in heaven” for ‘them’, logically ensures that the perfect and inviolable outworking of The Law of Sowing and Reaping cannot possibly extend its Grace and Blessings to such believers – if – it is works that are demanded by Jesus, and thus by The Divine Laws!

“By their works you shall know them.”

It is correct, to say that for the sake of ‘the sin’ which led to mankind’s ‘fall’, Jesus came, suffered and was crucified, but that irrefutable fact is not a blessing for Christians or mankind in any shape or form. Those who had the chance to save Him from a terrible end – the once-chosen and blessed Jewish race – agitated for Barabbas over The Son of God. To Pilate, they shouted: ‘Crucify Him’. Standing as an indictment against all of mankind from that singularly-dark moment of far-reaching portent, it was and still is an especially damning indictment against the Jewish race. For even today, they still refuse to recognise that The One sent to them at their petition, really was their Awaited One at that time.

The evil happening two thousand years ago was a most unfortunate outcome for all of mankind. Christ was killed because of the jealousy, fear and hatred of the priests of that time. Most Christians, however, would like to see in this a higher guiding Hand driving those events in order to provide for mankind a propitiatory sacrifice for the forgiveness of all sins. However, such beliefs contradict the natural Law of Sowing and Reaping – “What a man sows, that shall he reap” – which is also the Law of Love and strictest Justice. Therefore it is illogical and foolish to believe such a thing.

The very words of the following prayer – His prayerFor us – stands in rightful accusation against such an evil distortion of the great and incomprehensible Love of The Creator.

“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do!