Global Societal Collapse

Reader, you are probably well aware that the direction humanity is heading in can only lead to a disastrous final outcome.  Despite all the efforts by concerned nations and organisations our global society is heading for collapse.

In recent times it has even become clear that many of those nations who once appeared to be at least trying to resolve some of the numerous afflictions and problems facing humanity are no longer doing so.  These nations are now quite openly and even aggressively just serving their national interests alone.  No wise intent or even humanitarian intent to put aside national interests or business interests for the benefit of global humanity.  No, just a self-serving scramble for the remaining resources of the earth and an astonishingly foolish geopolitical struggle for dominance and wealth which is completely devoid of any wisdom.

It may come as surprise for some that despite all our technological advances and firmly established well intentioned global organisations, we are still on a path to collapse.  Why?  Simply put, our inner state, whether genuinely spiritually mature and wise or emotionally charged, intellectual and short sighted directs our actions.  This is the case for our actions as individuals, nations and as a global society.  None of this should be a surprise however, because it has long been predicted.  Yes, clearly predicted and forewarned.  So, who said it first?

From the 8th century BC:

“Ten Men Will Take Counsel And It Will Come To Nought.”

 (Isaiah 8:10.)

Thus, spoke the Great Prophet thousands of years ago in one of his warnings to humankind of just one of the sure signs of the end-time demise of human institutions. A time when it would become glaringly-obvious that unworkable human law, ideas, opinions, national self-interest, greed – and fear – would finally herald the impending complete collapse of human societies right across the globe.

The spectacle of riots and protests outside the venue of the UN “Climate Change Summit” in Copenhagen, December, 2009, gave clear voice to Isaiah’s sure prophecy. And that was only outside the venue. Inside – where key discussions took place amongst numerous international officials – the human temperature was just as heated; where genuine consensus for nurturing the planet which nurtures us collapsed into recrimination, blame and self-interest. Headlines: ‘Confusion and anger at Climate Change Summit’.

The largest ever gathering of international leaders [192 Nations] “…failed to reach a binding agreement”!

The most necessary attribute of wisdom seems not to exist in the mentality of negotiators such as those at the Copenhagen conference representing the various countries and peoples of the world. Not any kind of far-seeing spiritual wisdom encompassing the very life-essence of Creation-Law; but, as in the past, always the short-term ‘consensual-fix’ ostensibly designed to overcome any and all objections. In the case of the “Copenhagen Summit”, 2009, however, [universally accepted as a ‘failure’], serious polarising rifts clearly emphasised the power of Isaiah’s Calling to warn humanity — even from the long-distant past!

The “Earth” also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have

transgressed the “Laws”,

changed the decrees,

broken the everlasting covenant.

(Isaiah 24:5, Emphases mine.)

These predictions and warnings from Isaiah were also confirmed with further warnings 800 years later.

“there shall then be wide-spread affliction, such as has not been known since the beginning of the world until now, no, nor will ever be known again. And if those times were not cut short, not a man would be saved”

(Matthew 24:19-22)

There are very many such warnings.   How then could these predictions have been made about our times, the end times, all the way back then?  Because they could see the direction we were heading, away from a spiritual goal with spiritual progress and spiritual maturity, which produces wisdom and foresight.  The fall of man.  Treading a path for thousands of years away from this noble spiritual goal and instead caring more for earthly wealth, power, pleasure and possessions has taken its toll on our spiritual state, our maturity and is now clearly evident in the state of our global society.

Ask yourself this:  Honestly, knowing human nature as you do, have we made a serious effort to grasp and “truly” understand the words of The Son of God and change accordingly or, have we let ourselves off the hook with a characteristically human and all to convenient, self-serving, self-pardoning interpretation of the words of The Son of God?

The answer is so obvious, yet who has the courage to question it?  Reader, what do you really think? – email –

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