Crucifixion of The Son Of God

Let us put aside all selfish notions of how  wonderful it all was that The Son of God Himself was sent down to this Earth in an act of Noble Love on the part of The Almighty to save us from our sins. Instead, and from a scientific/medical perspective, let us really and closely examine the whole process of the Crucifixion of Jesus in a probing, ‘blow-by-blow’, assessment of His ‘journey of terrible suffering’.

While doing so, we should very seriously understand that the incredible pain He suffered throughout never let up. It was constant. It was not at any time relieved by ‘first-aid’ or convenient pain-killers such as we would immediately grasp for at the onset of even very mild, ‘inconvenient’, pain.

From childhood, Christians are conditioned with a mindset which superficially and incomprehensibly says that Jesus suffered and died on The Cross to save them from their sins. Nothing, however, about what that suffering really meant for Him. Not, however, for the ‘believing Christian’ who will never ever experience such a thing, but who nonetheless preens himself with sickening false piety in the truly strange belief that he is ‘absolved’ from all his sins and ‘thereby saved’.

That being the perverse and pervading belief in Christendom, let us all journey with Jesus to His agonizing death. Whilst on that grievous walk to His place of execution, we should put aside every shred of ‘religious’ thought, and – objectively and logically – try to fathom how and why around two billion otherwise well meaning humans on Earth can accept and even strongly promote a belief whereby the excruciatingly-painful torture that The Son Of God was cruelly subjected to can somehow be the ‘right thing’.

Even the words of The Bible – that exalted Work which you hold up to the world as The Living Word Of God – condemns that terrible act in no uncertain terms. Peter, the Apostle designated by Jesus as “the rock” upon which His Teachings could be built, “tells it like it is”. After receiving “Power from On High” at Pentecost and speaking in the various dialects of the region, the Apostles were accused of being drunk by the crowd that had gathered there. Peter countered with the following:

“Men of Israel! Listen to these statements: Jesus the Nazarene, a Man pointed out as from God by powers, and wonders, and signs, which God did through Him amongst you, as you yourselves know; having betrayed, you murdered Him by crucifixion through lawless hands…”

The words are certainly clear enough; betrayed, murdered, through lawless hands! Was there great cheering that they were saved by His “death on the Cross”? That is certainly the seemingly unbreakable belief amongst latter-day Christians.  A very blasphemous belief.  Jesus himself gave the clearest and simplest indication of how this event should be viewed.

 “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do!

Thus, they did the wrong thing.

(from chapter 5)

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A very different perspective isn’t it.  Ask yourself this:  Honestly, knowing human nature as you do, have we made a serious effort to grasp and “truly” understand the words of The Son of God and change accordingly or, have we let ourselves off the hook with a characteristically human and all to convenient, self-serving, self-pardoning interpretation of the words of The Son of God?

The answer is so obvious, yet who has the courage to question it?  Reader, what do you really think? – email –