Bible “Mysteries” Explained

Understanding “Global Societal Collapse” from The “Science” in The Bible

What every Scientist, Bible Scholar and Ordinary Man needs to Know!


“Societal Collapse”? Clearly a “today” event grabbing headlines on all mainstream and social media! Analysed, ad nauseum, by a myriad of “experts” and agonised over by the hapless millions caught up in the desperate struggles that now characterise “societal collapse”, the international conferences ostensibly designed to bring “peace” and “reconciliation” for the affected societies rarely achieve true unification of the warring parties. The great far-seeing prophet, Isaiah, declared it succinctly for exactly this time in our evolutionary journey. “Take counsel together, and it will come to nought.” Isaiah 8,10.

Whether triggered by politics, racial tension, religious or cultural/tribal differences, it matters not. The increasing number of such events should surely reveal to any onlooker that “something” in our human make-up is seriously “out of kilter”. Were that not so, the world, quite obviously, would not be in the mess that it currently … “is in”. So what has gone wrong? Clearly, the myriad laws and rules that we humans formulate for our societies, in the very final analysis simply do not work.

Isaiah also has the answer here too. He, in just “one sentence”, explains exactly why we fail so miserably to achieve mutual peace and harmony in and between our global societies of planet earth. From Isaiah 24:4-6, “The Earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have ‘transgressed the Laws’, ‘changed the decrees’, ‘broken the everlasting covenant’. Therefore has the curse devoured the Earth, and those that dwell therein are desolate…”

Religious claptrap, or clear and obvious Truth? The evidence before our eyes is surely sufficient to show that Isaiah’s far-seeing warning to us would take place if we did not live correctly. And, brutally-obviously, we have not! In the final analysis, Isaiah’s hard words resonate with simple, but nonetheless scientific, principles. And since ‘Bible “Mysteries” Explained’ really does explain the “Science” that can be read very clearly in The Bible, the great questions to life are answered therein.

Specifically for “failing America” and Americans. From George Washington: “Above all,the pure light of revelation has had an influence on mankind, and increased the blessings of society. It is impossible to ‘rightly’ govern the world without God and The Bible.”

Since The Bible is ultimately a book of Spiritual and scientific Truth and Law, the “Science” in The Bible powerfully supports the Truth of Washington’s statement.

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Readers review May 2016:

“Charles, I really want to thank you for the wonderful book you gave me. It was mid January when you gave it to me and I only finished it last night – it took me four months to read! I was absolutely captivated by it, I read it very slowly and carefully. I certainly gave it the time and focus it deserves.

It has answered a lot of questions for me – in fact all of them! It has put me on a better path, probably made me a bit nicer – so thanks heaps!” Susan, New Zealand

One thought on “Bible “Mysteries” Explained

  1. I’m so blessed while reading in middle paragraph. That opens my eyes to see the reality about the happening or the society in present days..

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