JESUS! His Birth, Death and Resurrection

A Revisionist Analysis of the “Sacrosanct” Christian Viewpoint

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This booklet purposefully offers the revisionist view simply because there are clear and very disturbing discrepancies between the “official theological standpoint” surrounding the life and death of Jesus, and that which The Bible states.

The blind acceptance of teachings that defy rational logic and which therefore transgress all natural processes – The Creator in His Divine Perfection being the Absolute of all that is natural – means that any incorrect interpretation, religious or otherwise, denies the very Perfection inherent in Him and His Will, of which Jesus was, and is, Part! And since He came “…not to overthrow The Law”, an associated question must be: ‘What Law?’ ‘Whose Law’? It is certainly not human law. It must therefore be The Law – from out of The Divine!

In terms of the Christian Church’s primary beliefs surrounding Jesus – naturally derived from The Bible of course – global Christendom seems not to register the obvious fact that when it is warningly-stated by the Very One Whom they profess to follow to “get it right” or suffer destruction, it logically follows that all incorrect teachings and beliefs surrounding the life and person of Jesus – irrespective of how or why derived – along with the architects of such beliefs, must finally completely collapse. You cannot have it both ways. Hot or cold, no fence-sitting. For all that is wrong, all that is incorrect, inherently opposes the Perfect Will of the Most High, and must therefore – in ‘religious speak’ – be “cast out”.

By way of example: The sub-heading, “Crucifixion of The Son of God, Medical Forensics Speak”

— offers a blow-by-blow medical analysis and description of the horrific journey of suffering and torture of Jesus – the most innocent of all – from His flogging at the hands of the Roman soldiers, to His Crucifixion on the Cross. From a History Channel documentary, “Crucifixion”, screened on Black Friday, 2009, the medical analysis of Jesus’ suffering could only be described as ‘harrowing’; far more so than Mel Gibson’s “The Passion”, itself a “difficult watch”. Contributors to the program included trauma surgeons, bio-medical engineers and forensic biologists. This documentary should be mandatory viewing for all Christians, but more especially for those who strangely believe that Jesus came for the express purpose of dying to save them from their sins.

What virtually all religions have in common is the curious propensity of the believers to somehow strive to establish a personal relationship with the “bringer” of ‘their religion’. This means, of course, that such a notion removes what should be the primary concern and objective of the follower of the teaching; “To heed the Word of it.” Instead, a strange, almost emotional, personalised paradigm takes its place. In the case of Jesus, the gulf is so wide that to even contemplate such a thing as a personal relationship is simply ludicrous. For it means that global Christendom – including the hierarchy of the Church – do not even begin to understand the humanly-incomprehensible gulf of separation between we on earth in the World of Matter, and the greater, non-material, part of Creation.

The beautiful Scriptural-description of “…the great wailing and gnashing of teeth…” will apply primarily to the great body of global Christendom who will at that time finally and fearfully recognise that Bible prophecy had been fulfilled, and that Henot Jesus – did come “…like a thief in the night…” whereby the moment was missed by “the Christian crowd”.

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JESUS! His Birth, Death and Resurrection
0.1 “Virgin” Birth and “Immaculate” Conception
0.2 Mission of the “Three Wise Men” [The 3 Kings]
0.3 Resurrection and Ascension
0.4 Jewish Condemnation of The Son Of God
0.5 The ‘Revelation’ and The Holy Grail
0.5.1 The Eucharistic Motif
0.5.2 The Grail Motif
0.6 Crucifixion of The Son Of God: Medical Forensics Speak
0.6.1 The Roman ‘Flagrum’: The ‘Scourging’ of “The Son Of God”
0.6.2 The ‘Burden’ of the Cross
0.7 The ‘Murder’ at Golgotha
0.7.1 The ‘Nailing’
0.8 His Final Moments
0.9 One Solitary Life

0.10 The Parent Book: