The “7 Churches” of the “Revelation”:

What the “Hubble” Will Never See

Sir Isaac Newton’s “Plan of the World”


Sir Isaac Newton: Scientist, theologian, astronomer and mathematician; the “scientist’s scientist”! NASA’s space program is founded on “Newtonian physics”. Newton the theologian assiduously sought within the Bible for “The Plan of The World”. At the heart of Newton’s unshakeable belief – that contained somewhere in the Bible was the key to understanding the plan of the world – lay three major points: 1 – A rational God made a rational universe. 2 – All wisdom lay in the knowledge of numbers. 3 – Only a few natural laws apply to the whole universe.

Albert Einstein: A colossus of science. His seminal “Theory of Relativity” and the great equation E = mc2, have advanced the science of astronomy more than any idea since Newton’s time. So, despite all of our subsequent technological advances in astronomy, it was still these two non-empirically minded colossi of science, who, using primarily their intuition and intellect, produced the most significant advances in the physics/theory of astronomy and thereby laid the foundation upon which all future advances now stand.

Einstein stated that he ”…never came upon any of his discoveries through …rational thinking”. Einstein understood the necessary connection between empirical science and what was for him clearly more productive, the non-empirical aspect. Many modern scientists would probably be dismissive of Einstein’s non-empirical side of the equation. Yet the very same could not even begin to match either Einstein or Newton.

So, using Einstein’s superior non-empirical intuitive methods we have, in this work, clearly explained the true significance of “The 7 Churches of The Revelation” and thereby revealed Sir Isaac Newton’s “Plan of the World”.

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Pope Benedict XVI’s Call to Science


The “7 Churches” Of “The Revelation”
0.1 Isaac Newton’s “Plan of The World”
0.1.1 The ‘Mathematics’ of Cosmology: The “Big-Bang” and “Inflation” Model
0.1.2 The “Big-Bang”: A Problematic Theory
0.1.3 Lost in the “Hubble Bubble”
0.2 The “Revelation” of ‘The Plan of The World’
0.3 The Vision in Patmos
0.3.1 To the Assembly in Ephesus
0.4 The ‘Meaning’ of the “7 Churches”
0.5 An Astronomy Lecturer’s Recognition

0.6 Bibliography
0.7 The Parent Book:
0.8 The Booklet Series