The Gathering Apocalypse and World Judgement

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Apocalypse: 2. a. A prophetic disclosure or revelation. 3. a. An event marked by violent destruction and upheaval. [Middle English Apocalipse, from Late Latin Apocalypsis, from Greek apokalupsis, revelation, from apokaluptein, to uncover.]

Headlines; post 2004 Boxing Day tsunami: “UN Warns of Apocalypse Now”

‘Earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters could kill millions in the world’s mega-cities and time is running out to prevent such catastrophes, the United Nations warns… In Kobe, the Japanese city still nursing wounds from a deadly earthquake that struck a decade ago, UN emergency relief director Jan Egeland painted an apocalyptic picture.’ “Perhaps the most frightening prospect would be to have a truly mega-disaster in a mega-city… Then we could have not only a tsunami-style casualty rate as we saw on Boxing Day, [2004] but one that’s one hundred times that.”

As far back as the Eighth century B.C., the great Prophet, Isaiah, in brutal visionary prophecy, warned that humankind would reach this very point that we are now fruitlessly struggling with. In just two short sentences he described the what, how and why of a future complete cleansing of Earth of the very many humans who simply refuse to accept that there really are precise and final Creation-Laws that we must obey – or ‘pay the hard price’. Who, today, would be stupid enough to say that global societies are models of peace, harmony and prosperity? Only a fool! And the world is full of them.

There is no finger that comes out of the clouds to arbitrarily harm or destroy we humans and our works as so many millions fervently, fatalistically and foolishly believe. Such a view is an appalling distortion of that which sustains and maintains the world that we can see, and that which we cannot: – Perfect Laws: Creation-Law!

“The Earth is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the Laws, changed the decrees, broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore has the curse devoured the Earth, and those that dwell therein are desolate…” Isaiah.

Simple! And, yes, necessarily brutal. Religious claptrap? Many will think so. Yet there, in those two sentences, is revealed the true, exact and singular reason why global societies are fracturing and collapsing at an exponential rate. For that is what we have brought about. We are the architects of our own intransigent stupidity. One does not need a degree in science, theology, politics or anything else to recognise the everyday obvious. We should long ago have awakened to the fact that, as a global humanity, we could not possibly have been “getting it right”.

Now, we are already beginning to “pay the ferryman”. How do we “turn it around”? Unfortunately for most, it is already too late. [“…and few men left”. Isaiah.] For those ‘few’, the way into a very different future world will only be achieved by seeking out Isaiah’s Laws, Decrees and Covenant – now on Earth – and explained in the Works of Crystal Publishing.

Sourced from a crucially-profound Teaching and further added-weight-to from various spiritual/religious writings, documentaries, scientific findings and commentary etc., this book explains the lawful processes – primarily generated through the Forces of Nature and already bringing serious destruction to man and his works – that will finally fulfil Isaiah’s visionary prophecy. Perhaps more especially his allusion to the effect of “Plate Tectonics” – “And the earth’s foundations shake.”

A message for earth-scientists: Prior to the 2004 Tsunami, you really did not know whether or not the whole earth “could shake”. Now you do. So do not be foolish enough in your often crass intellectualism to arrogantly dismiss other similar kinds of warnings – past and present. One of the greatest of your discipline, Einstein, stated that he never came across any of his discoveries “…through the processes of rational thinking”. He noted that intuition, inspiration and revelation were the keys to true knowledge.

So, reader; learn the Laws of Life – and live! “Bear witness to me, now, Heavens and Earth! I place Life and Death before you, – the Blessing and the Curse! Therefore choose for yourselves the Life, – that you and your posterity may live!” [Deuteronomy 30:19. Fenton.]

The endless and ultimately pointless academic arguments and debate over whether or not we possess free will are exactly that: ultimately pointless. Our poisoned and degraded earth, our increasingly dysfunctional global societies, our deadly blood-thirsty religions and politics; all ours set in place through our inherent free-will attribute. Isaiah was right!

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