The Return of Jesus ?

The “Second Coming of Christ” has been “accepted” as a non-negotiable event for centuries now by virtually all Christian groups. The apparent sureness of that happening as espoused by Global Christendom, however, is clearly thrown into question if we assess particular Scriptural statements with clear objectivity.

The quandary for the global Christian community is that The Bible simply does not support that eventuality.  So, for the Christian of today who is perhaps looking in alarm at global events and wondering when The Son of God is coming to bring them salvation and enlightenment, the answer to that quandary lies in the following Scriptures.

Given by Jesus in reply to questions from His Disciples regarding the end-time. The singularly-strong aspect here is the clear statement that The One to come would instruct in all the Truth, meaning that Jesus had not done so. In other words, what He was able to give for that particular point in human spiritual evolution and have it at least basically understood, was just a part of the whole, not the complete thing.

This is so stated in John 16:12:

“I have still much more to tell you; but you are not able to bear it.”

In other words, even though instructed by The Son of God Himself to a far deeper level of knowledge than certainly any other human beings to that time, the greater degree of understanding that humankind still required could not be imparted to the Disciples then. It was simply too much for them to understand or assimilate.

Therefore another, The Other, would have to come and bring all The Truth.

“…because if I do not depart, the Helper will certainly not come to you; but when I depart, I will send Him to you. He, on His coming, will bring conviction to the world…”

— — And also:

“When, however, the Spirit of Truth Himself comes, He will instruct you in all the truth He Himself will honour Me…”

(John 16:7-8 & 13-14, Fenton. Emphases mine.)

The clear inference in all of these Scriptures is that the use of the personal pronoun, He, denotes an actual person in the same way that Jesus was an actual person. And, moreover, would be The One Whom Jesus would send, but only after His [Jesus’s] own departure.

Matthew describes the key sign which will reveal the fact that The Eternal Mediator is – or has already been – on Earth. The following Scriptures not only add more Biblical weight to our premise, but they further illustrate the fact that Jesus does not refer to Himself in the first person but clearly infers that there really is Another.

“…and then will appear the signal of the Son of Man in the sky. And He will send out His messengers – and they will collect all His chosen…”

(Matthew 24:30-31, Fenton.)

Matthew, in 25:31, offers another powerful statement from Jesus in support of the Other. Again, He does not say “I” will do this or that, but that the Other One He, The Son of Man – will fulfil it!

“But when the Son of Man appears in His Majesty, and all His angels with Him, then He will take His seat upon the throne of His Majesty; and collect all nations before Himself.”

In that particular Scripture, as in many others, we would at least expect Jesus to say, “I will collect all Nations before Me.”  – if He Himself was to fulfil that role at the End-time. Yet that is not what He says, even though instructing and enlightening His Disciples as to what to expect then! Further Scriptural quotes clarify our premise:

“…but the helper, the Holy Spirit, Whom the Father will send… He will teach you Everything”.

(John 14:26)

“When the Son of Man comes, however, will He find this faith upon the earth?”

(Luke 18:8)

Further examples from The Jerusalem Bible provide more anchorage for our premise:

“…proved by my going to the Father and your seeing Me no more”.

“I came from the Father and have come into the world, and now I leave the world to go to the Father.”

(John 16:10 and 16:28)

“Blessing and peace to you from the One Who Is, Who Was and Who comes; and

from the seven Spirits which are before His throne; — and from Jesus Christ.”

(Revelation 1:4-5, Fenton. Emphases mine.)

It is patently clear from the above Scripture that there is more than just one “One”. Moreover, the strongly denoted separative-conjunction “and” draws a clear line of demarcation between Jesus and The Other The One — “Who Is, Who Was and Who Comes”!

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