The Spiritual Laws of Creation:

The Crucial Knowledge for Humankind

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Global humanity in crisis! From the full spectrum of global media, the facts bombard us continually: Pollution, poverty, disease, ethnic savagery, tribal butchery, increasing crime and human rights violations and financial meltdown. Despairing global societies struggle to cope with this multi-faceted and socially-destructive ‘tsunami’. Despite that obvious reality, we all still want the world to be our way and all answers to be our answers. Ludicrous, and bordering on insanity; yet that is precisely ‘how it now is’.

The truly ludicrous notion among many religions that God ‘causes everything to happen’ brought forth perhaps the ultimate in stupid comment when some of the Jewish survivors of the Nazi death camps declared that God was dead because of their experience. Do we therefore believe that God built the death camps and set up the Nazi regime? Of course not. Stupid in the extreme, yet such is human religious thinking.

Relatively few in number, The Spiritual Laws take no account of religious, cultural, scientific or even political determinations and proclamations. Neither do they take into account whether or not humankind is even aware of them. They simply are. Only with the knowledge of them and thus how they work in their flawless individual and collective outworking, can earthly humanity ever hope to understand not just why the world is in crisis, but why concerted international efforts by so many well-meaning groups find it difficult to effect long-term fundamental and sweeping change for the better. Thus, global societies continue to unravel despite such efforts.

The perfection of Creation-Law offers us the mechanism of automatic and self-acting immutable Law in which parameters we, through our free-will attribute, bring upon ourselves joy or pain, harmony or hardship. Each one of the six primary Creation-Laws [known in their entirety by “only the few” and therefore not taught in any Church, religion, culture, school, university or scientific discipline anywhere], nonetheless unfailingly fulfils its immutable outworking in our individual lives and our societies. The interlinked outworking of all six Laws drives all of our free-will decisions to their commensurate outcomes, both in our individual lives, and within the global collective. Thus, through their automatic activity and outworking, we – in the final analysis – judge ourselves through The Law.

As far back as the Eighth century BC, the great Prophet Isaiah even then foresaw the point that we of latter-day global humanity would reach. He stated why:

“The Earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the Laws, changed the decrees, broken the everlasting covenant.’ Therefore has the curse devoured the Earth, and those that dwell therein are desolate…”

Without Revelation a Nation fades. But it prospers by knowing the Law! Proverbs. 29:18

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The Spiritual Laws: The Necessary Knowledge
0.1 The Nature of the Spiritual Principles
0.2 The Law of Movement!
0.2.1 Movement = Life
0.3 The Law of Reciprocal Action!
0.3.1 Decisions Produce Consequences
0.3.2 Faith Versus Works
0.3.3 Attitude to the Suffering
0.3.4 “Ten Men Will Take Counsel And It Will Come To Nought.”
0.3.5 The Interlinked Global Monetary System: Reaping the Whirlwind! ‘A Brief History     Lesson.’
0.4 The Law of Attraction of Similar Species!
0.4.1 Like Attracts Like
0.4.2 Spiritual Qualities as the First Consideration
0.4.3 Families and Children
0.4.4 Why there is so much Violence and Evil on Earth. The “Divine Warning” to Mothers!
0.4.5 The Universal Pain of Childbirth. The Enlarging Baby Cranium: A Medical “Mystery”
0.4.6 The Enlarging Baby Cranium: The “Lawful” Reason!
0.4.7 Sexual Orientation and Creation-Law
0.5 The Law of Spiritual Gravity!
0.5.1 Gravity! – The Spiritual Dynamic
0.6 The Law of Balance!
0.6.1 Balance in Life! – A Vital Necessity
0.6.2 To Give, or to Take?
0.7 The Law of Rebirth!
0.7.1 Rebirth! – Fact or Fiction?
0.8 Grace! – A Gift of Divine Love

0.8.1 A Brief Illustration of Why Recognition of The Law is a “Crucial Imperative” for all of humanity right now
0.9 Postscript

0.10 The Parent Book: