The largest Chr…

The largest Christian church — the Catholic Church and Catholicism — on its European soil and across the globe during the Age of Exploration, for centuries promoted, promulgated, preached and terrorised the masses to blindly accept appalling distortions of sacred Bible Truth. Various Popes — so-called ‘representatives’ of The Most High — even resorted to the dagger, poison and slander to gain and hold power.

In the 21st century, the number of Christian ‘churches’ preaching their brand  of ‘Bible religiosity’ simply “blows the mind”.   Yet, there exactly is the ‘nub’, Bible interpretation from global Christianity’s ‘Face-Book’,  The Bible:

Is it simply a religious work?      Perhaps also an historical one?    Common Christian belief would probably agree on both counts.  However, many books can lay claim to being great historical/religious works.  So, is The Bible a greater ‘Work’?  If so, why?  What would set it apart from all other ‘similar’ works?  Even if we were to accept the general view of Christians that it is “inspired of God”, the same claim is made by the followers of other ‘great’ religious works.

In a nutshell, The Bible does stand apart from other so-called ‘religious’ teachings because it is, in the final analysis, the supreme Scientific Work. Science, however, on a scale so stupendous that it transcends all so-called earth science and relegates that discipline to the shadows.  For it ultimately explains the very structure of Creation itself!

Sir Isaac Newton, the great colossus of science: mathematician, astronomer and theologian, understood that reality — and stated so.  For precise Law and logic rules the cosmos and beyond, not foolish human religiosity. Therefore: The great “questions to life” can only be answered from Law and logic.  So, too, all the primary tenets of Christianity.

Creation of the world in 7 ‘days’. 

The ‘virgin birth’.

Physical resurrection and ascension.

He ‘died for us’.

— and many more so-called “mysteries”.
This website Blog and Twitter site will, step by step from this point forward, lay bare the serious failings of those tenets to allow the real Truth of the Bible and the Life of The SON of GOD — JESUS — to shine forth to smash away crass religiosity driving all Christian “churches” at this time.
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