Hi there, website visitor. How about a little food for thought?

Firstly, a question: ‘Do you think the whole world has gone mad?’

If you think so, read on.

Now to our statement: The apparent madness you might agree with and currently infecting increasingly ungovernable global societies has set in place a climate of fear and uncertainty for very many “ordinary” people. For the spate of terror attacks in 2016 could only be described as extraordinary. And perhaps for the first time ever, International News commentators – who are rarely short of words – along with various Govt. spokespersons, Church and religious leaders, have publicly acknowledged that they have no answers to not just rapidly increasing religious extremism and terror, but to other worrying global issues and trends.


From a previously, and ostensibly, relatively secure position of “knowing it all”, characterised by endless conferences, pronouncements and pontificating to “show the way forward”; now, in 2016, it has all “fallen flat”. Empty rhetoric and appalling decision-making by so-called experts in any number of disciplines – and, of course, we must not forget the so-called “leaders” in politics, finance and religion – and all of it impacting detrimentally on the greater majority of the world’s peoples.

The Great Prophet, Isaiah, succinctly phrased exactly the right statement for these times today and the many “talkers”:

“Ten men will take counsel, and it will come to nought.”

It’s all talk and hot air, with expensive hotels, wine and food thrown in for good measure. The great guitarist, Mark Knopfler [formerly Dire Straits], recorded a marvellous composition almost tailor-made for International Conference “junkies”; it’s called ‘The Gravy Train’. So where, and/or what, is the answer to the truly insane ‘stuff’ happening ‘all over’ now? There must surely be a solution somewhere, for it is not possible for there not to be one.

Reader, if you have reached this point and are thinking: “Oh yeah, another know-it-all.”, then you should NOT read any further. Move on. Try and find your answer, or security, in the endless string of unworkable garbage “spewing” from the mouths of all the so-called “world experts”.

On the other hand, however, if you can handle hard, blunt, no-holds-barred logic – for that is what you get on this website  – then stay, and learn what the problem really is, and the only way out of it. But not for all! Of course, perhaps you need to make a few changes, and accept a different reality to what you have probably been conditioned to thus far.

The problem is actually almost stupidly simple; and it is this:

It is the madness of virtually everyone on the planet wanting the world to be their way. In a nutshell, THAT is the primary problem. If we extrapolate that reality to its logical outworking in global societies – and despite the fact that we may all have personal notions on how to fix our many problems — we nonetheless still “lump” into various groups, political parties and religions etc., and the serious problems still don’t get resolved.

The various groupings hold to their view that only they are right. Stupid, right? Reader, if you can get that one single fact locked into your skull, then you will have recognised the very thing that is actually destroying global societies.

It ain’t rocket science!

So, how to turn it around? One way; and one way only.

The colossus of science, Sir Isaac Newton, recognised it hundreds of years ago. But, of course, we are too modern and clever today. He recognised that:

“…only a few natural Laws apply to the whole universe.”

So that’s science. What about a bit of Truth from two more sources? From Proverbs:

“Without Revelation, a Nation fades. But it Prospers by knowing The Law.”

Here, though, is the most hard-hitting one of all – which we at Crystal Publishing like very much – and from 2,800 years ago. It’s about us, today! Isaiah, again.

“The ‘earth’ also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the Laws, changed the Decrees, broken the Everlasting Covenant.

Therefore has the curse devoured the ‘earth’, and those that dwell therein are desolate;…”

I think that about describes us today, don’t you; perversely and stupidly wanting the Laws of Life to be ours, to suit our every human whim? Always demanding “rights” over everything, instead of offering “responsibilities” to all under the auspices of the perfect admonition of real Truth:

“Do for others what you would want then to do for you.” Simple!

Reader, what do you think now? Certainly for probably hundreds of millions of humans — and counting — the word, desolate, from the far-sighted visions of the Great Prophet, is exactly the right one. Human opinions and laws will only work if they are in concert with the absolutes we have just alluded to. A bit of obedience from everyone is the only thing that will bring change right now. But you know what: “It ain’t ever going to happen.”

We are just far too arrogant for our own good. In any case, absolute Rules and Laws as we have described are considered just “too religious”. Yet, we don’t even possess the intelligence to separate religion from TRUTH! If we did, the world would not be in the mess that it is in today. There’s the nutshell again. So what’s the outcome? Simple, and most of us can certainly see it now; societal collapse across the board. And that collapse, brother — already on its way — is just the beginning. After that; well, you work it out!

So reader, if you want a way out for you and your family, then leave your religion, political party – whatever – and start thinking “outside the square”. Start thinking TRUTH, and become free under The Law, and live with that Law. No other way. And where are those Laws? Right here, in the books on this Website. The content will lead you – if you wish to truly know – to the final detail of The Laws of Life.

If you don’t, then continue on with your personal truth and watch the global societal collapse accelerate. Here’s something to take with you: “Decisions will always produce the exact and commensurate consequences!” Choose wisely!