Whither Cometh Humankind?

The Origins of Man

Genesis and Science Agree!

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Creation versus Evolution: The great debate that rages on. Theory after theory after theory is proposed, with not even a hint of “middle ground” from either of the two opposing camps. To not be able to come to a definitive answer or conclusion for our human origins quite simply means that “they” do not know. It’s all guesswork.

The clear reality for both sides of this ultimately foolish and corrosive debate is that we humans are here on earth. We exist, we are here. Descartes: “I think, therefore I am.” So irrespective of Bible Scripture, theological musing, empirical scientific skepticism or any other notion, the very fact that we are here on earth very logically means that only one process – obviously the same for all races – actually brought it about. Moreover, to decide or conclude that we “can never really know” is a nonsense-notion. For it is not possible for a question to not have an answer. Of course we can know. Is that not our purpose on earth; to know? If not, what is the point?

The crucial Bible Scripture: “BUT MAN BECAME A LIFE-CONTAINING SOUL” – actually provides the key for both science and Christian fundamentalism. It reveals that the quantum leap from primate to human was not one given life by human genetics through simple ‘brain development’ by normal but slow ‘evolutionary processes’. It was a quantum leap precisely because a new and very different Life-force and power was required for humans to be human, completely distinct and very far removed from the animal primate. The Bible thus notates and explains the “human/chimp split” a very long time before science reared its oftentimes strange head on earth. Moreover, that absolutely necessary change therefore precluded any possibility for primates to simply evolve into humans! The 98.4 percent of similar DNA in both monkey and man thus concerns the respective physical bodies only. And that is why they – the genes and the respective types of bodies – both rot away at death. We are not our physical body!

Notwithstanding that ultimate reality, there was still the necessity for evolutionary development of that material form. Thus: “…evolution by descent from a common ancestor is clearly true… The God of the Bible is also the God of the genome.” Dr. Francis S. Collins. M.D. Ph.D.

The sticking point in this whole debate is perhaps not actually that of Creation versus Evolution, but probably more that of the time-frame required for both together! For if a time period for such a thing as “Evolutionary-Creation” can be logically established then both viewpoints can be accommodated in perfect harmony. In our view, therefore, the one key question in this debate that must be considered – yet rarely is – is: “Can Creation also be Evolution?” And/or vice-versa? Our reply is an unequivocal: — Yes, it can. And, moreover, it is!

The ongoing problem in this case is one of incorrect interpretation and thus non-understanding, perhaps resulting from an incorrect translation of the original writings, or perhaps from simply accepting a symbolic ‘spiritual’ term that was never meant to be so read, and applying to it a literal, earthly point of view. It is, in effect then, an incorrect “Spiritual interpretation”. SO: WHAT IS THE CORRECT INTERPRETATION?

The correct interpretation lies in recognising the fundamental differences between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of The Book of Genesis – which Ferrar Fenton has intuitively recognised and correctly translated. The misinterpretation from Christian orthodoxy thus lies in attempting to ascribe two very different processes – one, Creation, the other, primarily Evolution – to a singular, 7 earth-day, Creation time-frame in Chapter 1, and attempting to also include in that time-frame the completely separate processes that Chapter 2 explains. That includes the erroneous belief that the First Creation of Man – both male and femalerefers to man on Earth.

The scientific misinterpretation on the other hand lies in either completely disregarding the Creation aspect, as correctly outlined in Fenton’s Bible, and/or viewing Creation as a singular, material cosmological process out of which sprang the evolutionary developmental phase of the various Earth creatures – including man – through physical/genetic processes solely.

In the final analysis, the inexcusable and appalling errors and distortions about Creation and the Truth of our Origins are actually perpetuated by the very people who should have long since recognised the logical reality of it all. The Christian Church, earthly science and committees of PhD and degree-toting Bible “scholars” are the “triune” of earthly power and defective education which persistently clings to, and continues to intellectually debate, this ridiculous and corrosive divide. Backing the so-called “expert” opinions and Bible translations, the main Bible Publishers continue to reproduce the same appalling errors.

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