Why These Books?

Sifting the wheat from the chaff.

Extracting out the grains of Truth from the Bible and religious teachings to clarify the simple answers to the bigger questions that we should ALL be asking.

Books that challenge, and then clarify, the appalling distortions of Bible Scripture promulgated as truth by various Christian churches.

In a hard-hitting style encompassing the very parameters of the face-book of Christianity — The Bible — the great questions of life and religion are brutally dissected and exposed using clear and unassailable logic.

The fractious  and fracturing reality of global societies, nations, races,  cultures, political systems and religions clearly testify to human systems and beliefs that cannot — and therefore do not — offer anything in the way of reasoned, intelligent, logical, and thus harmonious, explanations and solutions that would produce “the peaceful earth”.  The daily news items “tell it like it is”.

So!  Why these books?

Brutally elucidating the true  reason for so much human madness infecting all societies today,  these books have a Foundation  and associated Mandate  “granted Authority” by the very Source that “Directed” the content within. That content  clarifies the only way out and forward — if we choose to accept it.   For all of our problems are caused by our refusal to not only not live by serious and absolute laws of life — The Divine Laws of Creation — but by global humanity’s perverse, foolish and unworkable notion that we can somehow all have our ‘own individual truth’,  our own ‘solutions‘ and our own ‘personal answers’ with which to “fix the problem/s“.

How stupid. How blind. How perverse!   If we wish “the right way“, then we must all accept and livethe right way“!

As far back as the Eighth Century B.C., the Prophet, Isaiah, foresaw the path that we would take, and thus the point we have now reached.

“The Earth is defiled under the inhabitants thereof:

because they have transgressed the Lawschanged the decreesbroken the everlasting covenant.”

‘Therefore has the curse devoured the earth, and those that dwell therein are desolate:

Is this just religious or scriptural claptrap? What do you think?   Quite clearly, much of global humanity is desolate.

Perhaps the latter-day Danish philosopher, Kierkegaard, has more relevance today.

“It is not the truth that lies with the masses, but the untruth. The crowd is the untruth.”

We of global humanity are the untruth!  Therefore, if we wish genuine Truth, then we must learn the Laws of TruthThe Laws of Creation — clearly explained:

 In these books!

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